The beauty products we use and why!

Eve Taylor London



Eve’s aromatherapy techniques (Clinical Aromatherapy) have been adopted by many as the original industry standard for professional aromatherapy. Essential oils have the ability to help restore balance and have multiple properties and have the ability to hydrate, detox and oxygenate the skin, so as a result essential oils are great to use in both skin and body care.

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OPI Nails



OPI nail polish is THE professional brand because it’s colour range and quality is second to none, providing a lasting and superior finish. OPI was founded in 1981 as a family business and so operate with the social values we also hold dear. There are 4 main reasons we use it, colour quality and depth, choice in the colour range, flawless lasting finish and flexibility to enable stunning Nail Art, which we specialise in! AND it’s non-toxic! OPI products are proved to be free from formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate.


AH Francis Lash Extensions



Utopia Hair bar use only the most professional application techniques and high quality products and these extensions have been developed following years of research and testing so you can be completely confident. They also offer comprehensive and ongoing training so we’re confident the product and our skills will be faultless, producing an amazingly flawless and lasting result tailored to you. At Utopia we’re proud to be Masterful Lash Craftpreneurs.


Skinny Tan



Every woman will have heard of the amazing Skinny Tan by now, first from the Dragons Den and now as an international phenomenon!  Mainly because it works!  A beautiful tan, streak free and makes you look slimmer due to the colour tones whilst actually making you slimmer by detoxing your skin to reduce cellulite with skin stimulating ingredients such as Green Tea!  We can provide a partial or full body spray tan in our pop up booth in the exclusively private Beauty Bar to achieve your all year round summer glow which comes with a gorgeous coconut summer aroma and it lasts!! We can also provide you with a top-up tan for you to use at home!

AND for a full body MOT package, we can schedule your waxing 48hrs prior, exfoliate and moisturise 24hrs prior and get your all year round beach body ready for the full affect!



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This product is perfect for those women who either don’t like to wear mascara, or contact lenses wearers who find mascara too irritating, plus one application lasts up to 6 weeks!  Your lashes appear clearly darker, longer and more voluminous as the tint accentuates the full length of the lashes faded by sun and water and is a hypoallergenic formula. Also the perfect preparation for matching your lashes before having lash extensions. It’s not just your lashes which can be enhanced, it can be used on brows, which are are given depth and definition without the need to resort to painful micro-blading. It’s ideal for those of us who love sports, outdoors and for a mascara free holiday by the pool or beach and very practical for contact lens wearers. And for the gentlemen; beards, moustaches and sideburns. Available in 3 colours at Utopia Beauty Bar!



Screen Shot 2012-12-22 at 20.52.33home-eyebrows


Ilah offers creative natural alternatives to harsh looking brows by using semi permanent  eyebrow colour – which is matched to your skin to be the perfect shade.

Mylee Tea Tree Wax



Tea Tree wax is gentle on the skin and helps to prevent ingrown hairs. Great for stubborn, tougher hairs with less reaction after waxingTea Tree is a natural antiseptic and this wax deters regrowth of upto 4-6 weeks!


Beauty Boulevard Lips range



With its intense colour, shimmer and staying power, AND unbelievable range of colours to suit you, Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard is our must-have beauty product for a big night out. Drink, kiss and party without losing any of your sparkle!!! Waterproof and smudge proof, Easy to apply, lasts up to 8 hours wear and there’s 25 nights out in each kit.  We also have Stardust, face, hair and body glitter!

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