Vitamino Colour A:OX


Vitamino Color is Série Expert’s revolutionary new in-salon colour care range designed to lock colour within your hair, protect against fade, prolong colour radiance and actively strengthen hair to leave it soft and shiny with flawless longer lasting colour.

VITAMINO COLOR A:OX has a unique double protection colour system, INCELL to strengthen the hair from within and HYDRO-RESIST to repel water wash-out, preventing swelling of hair fibres; the main cause of colour loss. The Vitamino Color haircare programme also includes anti-oxidant Vitamin E and a UV filter, which prevents colour fade when your hair is in contact with the natural elements and Magnesium to protect and strengthen.

The range includes Shampoo, Conditioner and 2 types of hair masque a Soft Cleanser AND Utopia Hair Bar also offer two Colour Deluxe in-salon treatments which target all 3 zones of the hair, the surface, cortex and core, for an even deeper and longer lasting colour protection and a colour corrector treatment for Blonde hair.


Vitimino Colour A:OX Powerdose Color 
is a special in-salon treatment to strengthen the fibre of the hair to protect and perfect colour radiance with immediate effects! The surface of coloured hair is better protected from water, leaving you with hair that feels instantly protected with a vibrant, shiny colour and is also enriched in panthenol, neohespiridin, ioene G, incell and a cationic polymer screen.



Utopia-Hair-Bar-Loreal-Colour-1-in-10-Vitamino-AOXVitimino Colour A:OX Color 10 in 1  is a perfecting multi-purpose spray enriched with fennel seed extract, xylose and a naturally derived oil blend, with 10 instant benefits for all colour-treated hair; before colouration for detangling and to act as a cutting lotion, after colouring for colour protection and conditioning. It’s also used before blow-drying to protect against breakage and the appearance of split-ends and frizz or as a refresher to leave hair feeling soft and looking shiny with a smoothing effect.




Vitimino Colour A:OX Blonde Colour Corrector is an salon treatment for anti-yellowing cream for correcting and perfecting light blonde to platinum blonde.





Vitamino Colour A-OX Colour Protecting Shampoo, removes residue to ensure your colour shines through, then Vitimino Colour A:OX Colour Protecting Conditioner with Dual-action: protects the look of your colour radiance and shine. Hair looks softer, glossier with an enhanced shine, right down to the tips.





Vitamino Colour A-OX Colour Protecting Gel Masque is enriched in a Tocopherol derivative, Panthenol and Neohespiridine leaving hair softer, shinier, with enhanced reflections.




Vitamino Colour A-OX
Fresh Feel Masque is designed specifically for after washing your hair with the Vitamino Color Soft Cleanser. This masque helps to protect the feel of the hair fibre and the “fresh effect” highly sensorial creamy texture of this masque helps protect the appearance of the hair colour leaving hair feeling smoother, detangled and protected with sublime looking tones.




Vitamino Colour A-OX Soft Cleanser is a soft sulfate-free shampoo, which transforms with water into a generous mousse with a creamy texture to gently release impurities from the hair fibre. Protects the look of radiance of coloured hair and shine is enhanced.




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