At Utopia Hair Bar we recommend  Volumetry, the perfect solution from L’oreal Professionals Serie Expert range, for fine, flat and oil prone hair; a much needed haircare remedy in the UK due to our climate! Volumetry leaves hair looking volumised from the root, for hair that looks fuller for longer.

Volumetry’s innovative formulas are enriched with Salicylic Acid, Intra-Cylane TM and/ or HydraLight.

The lightweight Volumetry Shampoo is a perfect first step to putting vivacity back into your hair by  gently purifying and removing excess oil  from the scalp, followed by the Anti-Gravity Effect Volume Conditioner with HydraLight, for lifted roots and puts the energy back into your hair.

For styling, the Volumetry Anti Gravity Effect Volume Root Spray gives extra lift for a feeling of natural volume for hair which is prone to oiliness.

The final step is a must have: Volumetry SOS Volume Spray, a handbag sized ‘ultimate dry styler’ for on-the-go root lift and style maintenance. It helps absorb the appearance of excess oils allowing for a greater volumised look and lift from the roots.

Even if you have the finest hair type, with Volumetry you can wear and maintain the curly full trends, maintaining an effervescent vibrant look all day!  For more advice and for a professional hair consultation on how to wear your hair for maximum volume, book in with us here at Utopia Hair Bar on 01480 434319 or email us at