Colourful adventurers.

If you’ve recently typed into google “What colour should I dye my hair?” and ended up with more options that you know what to do with, then welcome to the infinite world of hair colour in the 2020’s! Whether you’re pioneering into colour territory for the first time, or you’re an experienced colour adventurer, you can dye your hair any pigment you please, be it natural-looking highlights, balayage or a full-on rainbow. However, colour is very personal and subjective to you, so your hair type, skin tone, and your current hair colour and condition will effect the method used and the final result, which is exactly why we strongly recommend to come into the salon for a colour consultation before making any decisions! Your desires should always be balanced with the welfare of your hair!

As mentioned, there are a few factors which can help you determine which hair colour will flatter your features the best, as well as which tones to stick to on your very first colour, so we have some go-to tips!

How permanent is permanent?

Before choosing a colour, know the commitment you’re making and take advice from your colourist; generally, you can choose between semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent hair dye:

Semi-permanent is the gentlest and lasts around eight washes (it’s classified as a temporary dye). Our Dia Richesse range can provide you with a beautiful rich glow and is perfect for first time colour experimentation without the commitment and also suits those with concerns about scalp and hair damage sensitivity!

Demi-permanent colour increases the time-stamp further than semi permanent colour, lasting around 12 to 20 washes and our L’Oreal Professionnel Dia Light range is perfect for toning after a lightening process (such as Blonde Studio) to give longevity to your desired brand of personalised blonde.

Permanent colour lasts the longest—usually six to eight weeks or until your natural roots start to appear. (Hair typically grows about ¼ to ½ inch per month.)

Generally, lightening your hair requires more maintenance and trips to the salon. Darker colours can be easier, especially if you choose a semi or demi-permanent colour, as these tend to gradually fade out over time, so you make less of a commitment.

If you do wish for a lighter colour but aren’t often able to spend the money or time on the upkeep, a colour where most of the highlights weave throughout the lengths of your hair, means the regrowth isn’t as noticeable and eventually can provide a very current look;  ‘balayage’ is still very much on-trend AND is a look we specialise in!

If there are fewer highlights near the root, or those highlights are shaded to be close to your natural colour, the longer you can go between appointments.  Of course we have created some beautiful blondes throughout the whole spectrum and use the Loreal Blonde Studio range to achieve whichever shade suits you and often use Dia Light to create subtle tones and a variation natural shades and level of warmth – from cool platinum to warm honey and strawberry blonde shades!

Your colour identity

Who are you now and what do you want to achieve from your colour?

Usually for your first dye it’s advisable to stay within two shades of your natural colour, especially if you’re trying to achieve a subtle lightening effect. It’s also important to consider your skin undertones and should complement your overall colouring; warm skin tone with yellow, golden, or warm-infused hues; cool skin tones with pink, violet, or blue-toned shades. Neutral undertones can go with any hair colour. Olive skin has green undertones and looks great with warm colours. 

For those more experienced with colour or who want a big change in shade, be aware it may take several appointments to reach your final destination, but if you’ve previously used a box dye or want to go for a different look, we’re dab-hand’s at colour correction!! 

Although it’s beautiful to go for a natural look, we also love it when clients become adventurous and go for very colourful hair, no matter what age they are! 

At Utopia hair bar we use smart, kind colours, but your hair texture, or the amount of grey you need to cover, is a deciding factor when going for the type of colour and process. 

Even though we use high end protection products such as Metal Detox and Vitamino Colour and the Blondifier range to reduce any stress to the hair, if your hair is prone to breakage we’d recommend to avoid platinum-blonde lightening services,  as they might be too much for your locks, and tones which don’t use harsh chemicals would achieve a better finish. 

If you’ve been colouring your hair for years, you’ll know what suits you, but your hair changes at different stages of life, as do fashion trends and we’re always here to advise and go with you on your colourful adventures, and always recommend the specific aftercare products for your shade and hair type to prolong your colour and to enhance the condition!

Book in with us for a colour consultation and we can plan your colour journey!