The damage is undone!

 What causes Dry Dehydrated/Heat Damaged/Over Processed Hair?

When hair is over-processed or damaged, your hair shaft becomes porous and dense, making it harder to style and maintain. 

Typically, over-processed/dry/damaged hair looks and feels dry to the touch, although it varies depending on your natural hair type and may also take on a different texture, or doesn’t have the same texture throughout. Some pieces of hair may look straight while others look crimped or curly after too much processing. The most infamous sign of over-processed/damaged hair isn’t just about how it looks, but more about how you can’t get it to look; the hair becomes difficult to style; it can lay in several directions and be prone to cowlicks and flyaways.

Hair breakage can start to occur in areas of severely damaged hair.  Hair may also become “gummy.” This means that it feels thin and stringy. If you have hair damage on the bottom, you may notice many split ends. Your hair may hang limp because of the split ends’ excess weight. This can give your hair an “uneven” appearance and may be more prone to looking “frizzy” or thin.

Since all visible hair on your head are technically dead cells, the damage is difficult to reverse, however there are steps you can take to significantly improve your hair’s appearance and make it easier to maintain while you wait for new hair to grow in and if any of the above sounds like you, then don’t be downhearted and read on for solutions Utopia Hair Bar can provide:

What can we at Utopia Hair Bar do to help?

Even just cutting a few inches of damaged hair off the ends can bring some bounce and texture back to your hair. Our expert stylist will know exactly how much needs to be cut, so be prepared to follow their advice.

The best treatment for overprocessed/dry/damaged hair is to be proactive and try to prevent it from happening in the first place. A deep conditioning or bond building treatment in-salon under our stylist’s supervision, prevents damage before processing and can also restore broken links on the cellular level in your hair shaft.

We recommend using the Serie Expert range Metal Detox Anti Deposit Protector Mask before any colour treatments to protect the hair from upto 87% less chance of breakage after processing. And we have a great range of professional treatments such as Absolut Repair Golden Resurfacing Mask or 10 in 1 Leave in Oil which you can also take home.

Another good piece of advice is to let your hair air-dry whenever possible, especially if it’s colour-treated. When you do use styling appliances, be mindful of heat exposure, and try to limit your blow-dry or curling/straightening iron use to once or twice per week.  Use a heat-protectant spray such as Tecni.Art Constructor or  Fluidifier Multi Benefit Blow Dry Cream when you do style with heat and we recommend you use TecniArt Fix Anti Frizz Spray for styling as it will smooth your hair and doesn’t contain alcohol like most styling products which strip out moisture.